Esmeralda and Quasimodo during Hoch über der Welt in Der Glöckner von Notre Dame

Top of the World takes place when Esmeralda and Quasimodo are on top of Notre Dame and it’s sung by Esmeralda and the gargoyles. Esmeralda thinks that Paris is better when viewed from above and the gargoyles encourage Quasimodo to put the moves on her. His move constitutes asking to sit next to her, which she agrees to and in the gargoyle tradition of jumping to conclusions they start planning the wedding.


Loni: Quasimodo, don't be so shy.

Antoine: She's waiting for you

Charles: Think of something to say

Loni: Think of something to do

Antoine: I know...

Gargoyles: Show her the view!

Quasimodo: See... view?

Esmeralda: I bet the king himself doesn't have a view like this. From up here, it's hard to imagine that bad
things could ever happen in such a beautiful place.
Gazing down from the top of the world
Suddenly seeing a different city
Quaint and pretty and friendly and fair
Seen from the top of the world
When my outlook is a glum one
And I need a kinder point of view
Look how quick it can become one
With someone
Like you, to
Show me life from the top of the world
Nothing needs righting and no one needs pity
Thanks for bringing me into the air
And giving me Paris unfurled
Here at the top of the world

Antoine: Why are you standing like a statue made of stone?

Loni: Quasimodo...

Gargoyles: Say something!

Charles: You're with a girl

Antoine: (And what a girl!)

Loni: And you're alone

Gargoyles: At the top of the world!

Loni: She looked at you

Antoine: Right at you!

Charles: And she didn't scream...

Loni: ... or faint ...

Antoine: ... or lose her feed

Gargoyles: What more proof that
She likes you
Could anyone possibly need?

Loni: She wants you!

Antoine / Loni: What are you waiting for?

Victor: Don't waste this precious chance

Gargoyles: Quasimodo, do something!

Charles: The master's gone...

Loni: And here's a girl made for romance...

Charles: Ev'ry curve so well curled

Gargoyles: At the top of the world

Quasimodo: Esmeralda, I... Esmeralda...

Esmeralda: That's alright. We don't have to talk.

(Repeat song, with ESMERALDA and GARGOYLES singing simultaneously)

Loni: Say something romantic

Antoine: That's funny and fitting

Charles: It's making us frantic

Loni: The seconds are flitting

Charles: See how the clock can tick

Antoine: She may take up knitting

Loni: Please take our advice here

Loni / Charles: You have to entice here

Gargoyles: We don't mind admitting
We want to throw rice here...
Quasimodo: Es... Es...

Gargoyles: Oh well, I guess silence
Will have to suffice here

Quasimodo: Esmeralda...

Esmeralda: Yes?

Quasimodo: It's nice here
The two of us sitting

Esmeralda: The two of us sitting

Gargoyles: The two of you sitting

All: On top of the world!