My Strongest Suit (Reprise) is the eighth song in Elton John's and Tim Rice's musical Aida.

The song is between Egyptian Princess Amneris and Nubian Princess Aida as Amneris shares the reason for her constant smiling and shallow behavior being a mask hiding her insecurities, and her fears due to her father's failing health. Aida gives her a much needed morale boost, sharing her own struggles being the princess of Nubia, and the two form a genuine bond as friends.


Amneris: I may leave a great impression
As I race through a succession
Of the latest crazes, chase the newest fad
I feel better when beguiling
Find that fashion keeps me smiling
But in my heart, I know it's rather sad

Aida: That a life of great potential
Is dismissed, inconsequential

Amneris: And only ever seen as being...cute
So I'll flutter to deceive.

Aida: Oh no
No, you must believe
That one day you're bound to find

Amneris & Aida: A stronger suit