Made of Stone is Quasimodo’s despair song from Der Glockner Von Notre Dame. The song is lifted from the movie when the gargoyles are trying to convince Quasimodo to save Esmeralda who is moments away from her death. In the musical this scene occurs the night before Esmeralda is to be sentenced and instead of a short scene between the gargoyles and Quasimodo we have a song.

This song is Quasimodo at his angriest and most broken hearted. He is clearly angry at the gargoyles as they don’t understand his pain as they are made of stone and he wishes he was like them. He regrets his emotions and wishes they would go away.


Not going out. Bad things come when I leave. Always bad!

Nonsense. That's not my boy talking.

What do you know of me?
What do you know of all the things I feel?
You're only made of stone
Who is that you see
Instead of seeing what I am for real -
This twisted flesh and bone?

But Quasimodo, inside you is...

You're a liar!
With ev'ry new excuse you try out
You only make me want to cry out
"Would that I were
Made of stone like you..."

Quasimodo, it's obvious you...

You act so smart, it smarts
So why has not a single word you've said
Been any help at all?


And you, the Queen of Hearts
The more your hopes and fancies fill my head
The farther that I fall
Shut my brain down!
If I were senseless, I'd prefer it
Another gargoyle on this turret
Spitting rain down
To the stones below

I've wasted my faith
Believing in saints of plaster
But the only one worth
Believing in was my master
He's the one who never lied
He told me it was cruel outside
He told me how I had to hide
His words were cold as stone
But they were true
Not like you...
Take all the dreams you've sown
Take all your lies
And leave me alone!

All right, Quasimodo
We'll leave you alone

All right, Quasimodo
We'll trouble you no longer

You're right, Quasimodo
We're only made of stone

We just thought that you were
Made of something stronger...

And now I'm on my own
Never again to wonder what's out there
Let it remain unknown
And my one human eye
Will evermore be dry
Until the day I die
As if I
Were made of stone!


  • The title Wie aus Stein (Made of Stone) is taken from the original book when Quasimodo mournfully asks why he wasn’t made of stone. He’s not exactly angry in the book but more sad that he is in love with Esmeralda and can’t really do anything about it.