Claude Frollo
Norbert Lamla as Frollo
Background information
Musical Der Glockner Von Notre Dame
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Performance model
Inspiration Claude Frollo the Archdeacon of Notre Dame from Victor Hugo's novel
Claude Frollo the Judge from Disney's movie
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Blasphemous, cold-hearted, cruel, intelligent, wicked, spiteful, stoic, pious, strict, posh, righteous, abusive, contemptuous, sadistic, manipulative, narcissistic, earnest, regal, religious, cunning, accountable, vengeful, vain, gothic, sophisticated, oppressive, treacherous, persuasive, fiendish, lustful, relentless, judgemental, wrathful, authoritative, murderous, insane, dishonest, callous, prejudiced, hypocritical, merciless, pugnacious
Appearance Slender, elderly, pale skin, dark later gray hair, gray eyes, thick black eyebrows, careworn face, pale lavender circles on his eyes
Occupation Judge

Minister of Justice

Affiliations Bad
Goal To rid Paris of gypsies (failed)

To satisfy his lust for Esmeralda by claiming her or killing her should she refuse (failed)

Home Possibly the Palace of Justice

Paris, France

Relatives Quasimodo (adoptive son)
Enemies Esmeralda, Quasimodo, Phoebus, Clopin, Djali, Archdeacon, Quasimodo's mother, Quasimodo's father, gypsies
Likes Snowball, serving Satan, fireplaces, religion, "justice", his alphabet, destroying gypsies, punishing and using Quasimodo, the idea of Esmeralda being his
Dislikes Quasimodo helping Esmeralda escape, gypsies, sanctuary, the Archdeacon's authority, the Feast of Fools, gypsy supporters, Quasimodo's disobedience, defiance, witchcraft, deformities
Powers and abilities
Weapons Sword



Fate Falls into a pit of copper, to his death

Frollo was a priest in his youth and decided that Paris needed to be saved so he became a Judge. He hates gypsies and believes that they are the sole problem with Paris. He takes care of Quasimodo as an act of contrition for killing Quasimodo’s mother. He hopes Quasimodo will think like him and his emotional abuse is something that he is unaware of, and he actually holds some affection for the hunchback. Frollo becomes consumed with lust for Esmeralda which drives him insane. He thinks the cure is either to possess her or destroy her. While notably less villainous than in the movie, he also seems to have more intensity than he has in the movie as well. In the end, Quasimodo kills him as revenge for him killing Esmeralda. 


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